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Growing up in the nineties my youth education involved movies such as Legally Blonde, Two Weeks Notice and Mean Girls on repeat. The most popular series were One Tree Hill, O.C. California and later Gossip Girl and Revenge. It is no wonder I expected to encounter one of the most popular themes of these stories in real life: The constant need to compete with other females. Whether it was for money, love or promotions — there was always tension and a contest between the leading ladies. So how much does reality actually differ from fiction?

It all started with Disney… or the brothers Grimm

I really enjoyed this article. It is fascinating how we can take lessons from one part of our life into others and create value for everbody involved.

How Agile Coaches can navigate difficult environments

A true Agile Coach puts their job on the line every single day. Not because they are making mistakes or advocating the wrong principles, but simply by doing what organisations hired them to do: coach.

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As consultants and freelancers, we are used to the hustle, the long hours and the pressure to deliver the best possible results for our clients and their stakeholders. And most of the time the process as well as the outcome are straight-forward. More and more companies find themselves in the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) world, and look to us for guidance. …

… how empathy improves your performance in the bedroom

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Are you good at sex? How creative is your foreplay? When was the last time you tried something new with someone? When we talk about relationships, we talk about a plethora of pieces that form the bond between (usually) two people. Today I would like to discuss the parts that take part between the sheets and how stealing some methods of design thinking can unleash our potential in the bedroom.

Whether you are in a long-lasting relationship or meeting new people, at the core of any connection is empathy — the understanding and awareness of the feelings and thoughts of…

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Passionate about customer-centric innovation, agile delivery and a geek@heart. Bridging the gap between business, IT and behavioural economics.

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